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STASTO invests 12 million in Innsbruck headquarters

The headquarters of STASTO Automation KG in Innsbruck is being enlarged and will offer new technical refinements and ecological innovations in the future. More space for employees is planned, as well as more room for customer-specific solutions.

Foto: Marco Stocker


Innsbruck, November 2021: „There are many things that define us, but a special concern for us is our principle "Made in Europe", knows Managing Director Christof Stocker. This attitude has paid off: the company headquarters in Innsbruck have become too small. In recent years, STASTO has grown continuously and now also has to enlarge the building. "For us, the only option was to expand at our current location," says Stocker. Keeping the added value in the country and thus generating short distances and competence locally - important cornerstones for the company that are particularly in demand now. Especially in times like these, it becomes clear how important this corporate philosophy is. On the 4th of November 2021, the long-awaited groundbreaking ceremony took place with the OFA Group as architects and general planners and thus the starting signal for the expansion of the company headquarters in Innsbruck, which will create new jobs as well as technical innovations.

"Innovation fordert den besten Arbeitsplatz"

The new building is being constructed according to the guiding principle "Innovation calls for the best workplace". More space is not only provided for assembly and storage areas, but also for employees. "Up to 50 new employees can find space in the building. In addition, meeting zones will be created, a new seminar room, a lounge area and even a fitness room," Christof Stocker tells us." "Innovative ideas must be allowed to develop." Around twelve million euros are being invested in the expansion and thus in strengthening STASTO's business location in Innsbruck.

State-of-the-art technology

Technical refinements are also used: for example, a state-of-the-art small parts warehouse from Servus Intralogistics GmbH in Dornbirn. "This connects all internal processes from goods receipt, picking, assembly and dispatch fully automatically and according to the First In - First Out principle. This means we are ideally equipped for the future as a central warehouse. Shortest throughput times at the highest quality level and full transport transparency," explains shareholder Dieter Stocker. This means that in future there will be more time for special solutions that are developed together with customers and implemented especially for them. In addition, sustainability is an important topic for STASTO, which is implemented with the use of renewable energies through a photovoltaic system as well as a groundwater heat pump and green roofs.

partnership-based corporate model

At STASTO, we believe in handshake quality: manufacturers and customers have always been seen as partners. A long-term partnership is always the goal. The company shows its appreciation of its employees with its Co-Entrepreneur Model. Being directly involved in the success of the company - that provides stability and solidarity. "Everyone gets a voice and we make decisions together. That moves us forward," reveals Christof Stocker.

Investment in diversity

STASTO took a stake in the start-up PowUnity some time ago. This focuses on protecting e-bikes in particular from theft with GPS trackers. Additional functions on the bikes are also intended to increase the riding pleasure. This start-up grew into a high-tech company with solid growth. This is another reason why a conversion has become necessary: Today PowUnity is fully integrated into STASTO and is flourishing. "The building started to burst at the seams," Stocker says. "We are very proud of this collaboration."

Industry 4.0 and Big Data

To be at the forefront of the development towards Industry 4.0 and Big Data, STASTO teamed up with the IT company Cibex. "We have decided to master this digital future by actively bringing in the know-how," Stocker emphasises. At the moment, a task force of junior and senior developers is being set up, which is concentrating on providing integrative solutions for all company sizes in a future-proof and networked manner.

STASTO Automation KG was founded in 1974 by Gerhard Stocker. The company now employs around 100 people at its locations in Austria, Poland, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Serbia - 46 of them in Austria. The industrial service provider in the field of pneumatics, hydraulics and armatures buys individual parts from European manufacturers, checks and stores them, and then delivers them to customers - individually or pre-assembled as combinations. The products are mostly used in automation in the core markets of mechanical engineering, plant construction, maintenance or vehicle construction. STASTO generates an annual turnover of about 23 million euros, of which about eleven million euros are turned over in Austria.

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(v. l.) STASTO partner Dieter Stocker, managing director OFA Group Karl Fahrner, Architect of the OFA Group Jürgen Schauer, STASTO managing director Christof Stocker (photo: Marco Stocker)


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